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भारत सरकार/Government of India
अपर महानिदेशक विदेश व्यापार का कार्यालय/Office of the Additional Director General of Foreign Trade, Bengaluru

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सूचना पट्ट/Notice Board

SlNo Date Notice
01/2022-23 27th May 2022 Constitution of Trade Promotion Division
02/2021-22 16th June 2021 Export Obiligation default cases
01/2021-22 01st June 2021 Assumption of charge of Shri Lokesh H.D, ITS, Jt. DGFT - Head of Office
04/2019-20 13th August 2019 Information regarding cases pending for Norms fixation under Advance Authorisation
03/2019-20 01st August 2019 Visitor Management System
02/2019-20 01st May 2019 Extension of Special EODC Drive/Camp for Advance and EPCG Authorisations
01/2019-20 09th April 2019 Special EODC Drive/Camp for Advance and EPCG Authorisations
11/2018-19 07th March 2019 Special EODC clearance drive in respect of Advance and EPCG Authorisations
10/2018-19 31st December 2018 Grant of Advance Authorisation under Self Ratification Scheme under para 4.07A of FTP - 2015-20 for AEO holders
9/2018-19 09th August 2018 Monthly highlights - July 2018
8/2018-19 13th July 2018 FOLLOW-UP EODC CAMP
7/2018-19 03rd July 2018 Monthly highlights - June 2018
6/2018-19 21st June 2018 OPEN HOUSE with Shri Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi, IAS, DGFT, New Delhi
5/2018-19 19th June 2018 Best Export Facilitation Organization Award- Gold
4/2018-19 8th June 2018 EODC Camp during 11.06.18 to 22.06.18
3/2018-19 4th June 2018 Monthly Highlights- May 2018
2/2018-19 8th May 2018 Monthly Highlights- April 2018
1/2018-19 24th April 2018 EODC Clearance Camp for the Trade Community
14/2017-18 21st December 2017 Improvement in the Visitor Management
13/2017-18 06th November 2017 Interactive Session on the Mid-term Review of the FTP 2015-2020
12/2017-18 31st October 2017 Institutionalisation of feedback mechanism
11/2017-18 23rd October 2017 Another opportunity to close pre-2004 cases
10/2017-18 11th October 2017 Creation of Database of New Enterpreneurs
09/2017-18 26th September 2017 Clarification on Pre-scrutiny based EODC documents submission
08/2017-18 07th September 2017 Contact@DGFT service started to address FTP issues
07/2017-18 23th August 2017 Special Clearance Fortnight for Pending Licences
06/2017-18 15th June 2017 Dedicated Phoneline on GST & Trade Outreach program on GST
05/2017-18 12th June 2017 GST Facilitation Cell
04/2017-18 3rd May 2017 Trade Facilitation: Interview Slip uploaded online
03/2017-18 31th March 2017 Stakeholder's consultation on the proposed India-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement
02/2017-18 27th March 2017 MoF Audit Settlement Week
01/2017-18 13th March 2017 Instructions to view status of MEIS Applications online
14/2016-17 24th January 2017 Important Instruction to Trade and Industry
13/2016-17 19th January 2017 Trade Satisfaction Survey Report
12/2016-17 15th December 2016 Procedure for Pre Scrutiny of EODC applications
11/2016-17 24th November 2016 Trade Satisfaction Survey
10/2016-17 07th November 2016 Trade Outreach Activities in the last 6 months
09/2016-17 03rd November 2016 Twitter Handle for RA Bengaluru Launched
08/2016-17 02nd November 2016 Grievances Redressal Camp on account of the "Vigilance Awareness Week"
07/2016-17 28th September 2016 Submission of Incomplete / Incorrect Chartered Accountant /Chartered Engineer/ Cost Accountant/ Company Secretary Certificates
06/2016-17 07th September 2016 Constitution of the Trade Facilitation-cum-Grievance Redressal Committee(TF-GRC)
05/2016-17 21th July 2016 Official release of the Website
04/2016-17 30th June 2016 Standing order for permission to attend Open House sessions
03/2016-17 10th June 2016 Niryat Bandhu Workshop
02/2016-17 19th May 2016 Schedule for the Open House with the trade community
01/2016-17 3rd May 2016 Appointment with the head of office

Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce
Office of the Additional Director General of Foreign Trade, 6th Floor, Kendriya Sadan, C and E Wing, Koramangala 2nd Block,
17th Main Road, Bangalore - 560 034, Phone : 080-25537213 and 080-25537215, Email Id : bangalore-dgft[at]nic[dot]in

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